Review Policy

Would you like me to review your product or book. Do you want to advertise here? Have my site host a contest, giveaway, or tour? Of course you do !!! If any of  these options appeals to you please fill out the form in the CONTACT section of the site to discuss the details. 

All reviews posted here on Unwasted Words are my own personal ramblings of products and books. Evaluations are based on my actual knowledge of said products and books gained from personal use and experience. I am not a paid reviewer, just an adventurous consumer.

My reviewing services are free and I am always open for submissions. Please note that I cannot guarantee a positive review, I can only promise to give my objective and honest opinion. Upon receiving submission materials, I will try to read and or test the item in a timely manner. As soon as my assessment is completed, unless a specific date is requested for ARC’s, I will post and upload a review here on my blog and other comparable sites like Amazon, and Goodreads, along with a social media blast about the posting.

I only accept adult and YA fiction in the Sci-Fi & Fantasy genres and their sub-genres of dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. I find that most other genres usually don’t hold my attention and I really enjoy the otherworldly aspect. My reading tastes are pretty apparent by the reviews I have listed. I enjoy and accept all reading material formats audiobook, hardcover, paperback, e-book, and Arc’s are all welcome. I use an iPad and iPhone with iBooks, Kindle, and Nook apps.

I am only human and my acceptance of a book submission is not a guarantee of a review. I will try my best to read everything that comes in but if I can’t handle the load I will do my best to contact you. 

Love, Loathing & Everything in Between.

So here’s a breakdown of my ratings system, it’s based on a five star system because most review sites like Amazon and GoodReads use five points and this ensures continuity.

5 Stars -Loved, Loved, Loved it : Pretty much as close as you can get to perfect.

4 Stars -Still Loved it : A few flaws but nothing that detracts from how good the rest of it was.

3 Stars -Liked it : Good but not great, entertaining yet needs some work, but not so bad that I wouldn’t give a sequel a chance.

2 Stars -NOT For Me : A serious disconnect between reader and writing, a lot of major flaws.

1 Stars -Loathed it : A major disappointment, hardly any redeeming qualities.

Comment Courtesy

It is only natural that not everyone will agree with my assessments, while I welcome contrasting comments, I would appreciate it if all visitors would maintain courtesy and civility. Arguments should pose their words wisely, battles should be fought with intellect not insults. Rudeness and vulgarity will be deleted.

Thank you everyone for your participation and compliance. Four years of art school has taught me how to deal with harsh criticism, and I use my share of naughty language. But a lot of the products I write about are marketed to various age groups and half the books that I review are published for a younger audience. So please keep comments somewhat edited and young adult friendly.

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